Garden Mix

We maintain the top quality of our garden mix by blending on site, using a tried-and-true formula developed over many years.

The mix consists of premium soil, course sand, ash, composted sawdust, cow manure and mushroom compost. Our garden mix is perfect for establishing new gardens, all varieties of trees, shrubs and practically anything that grows in the ground. It is also great for renovating old garden beds, bringing fresh new life to your soil.

Veggie Mix

Like our famous garden mix, our veggie mix is also made on site, by our experienced team..

The veggie mix consists of premium soil, course sand, ash and composted sawdust, but has extra cow manure and mushroom compost to provide a richer mix of nutrients. Our veggie mix is formulated for vegetable pots and garden beds, container boxes, seedlings and basically any other environment for propagating strong, healthy vegetables.

Screened Soil

Screened soil is designed for use under Australian lawns, as well as topping up garden beds or as a general base for adding manures and other fertilising agents to enhance the health and vitality of gardens. Our screened soil mix contains common soil and coarse sand.

Top Dressing / Turf Underlay

We are well-known for the quality of our top dressing – in fact, people have come to us for many years because of our reputation. Our top dressing is high in chicken manure, along with a special blend of  sand and screened soil. This is a premium product for establishing new lawns or top dressing tired old lawn areas, designed for Australian conditions and giving your lawns the best possible chance to grow up strong, green and healthy.

Soil Conditioner

The Langlands soil conditioner is best used to restore tired old garden soils, giving them a new lease on life. The blend will improve the overall fertility of the garden, as well as adding moisture and helping to maintain essential micronutrients.

Prem Potting Mix

Our Prem potting mix focuses on providing the perfect blend for planter boxes, nursery growers and general outdoor and indoor pots. Rich in starter fertilizers, the mix is light and holds moisture but will also allow plenty of drainage so that plants won’t become sodden in the roots. Great for all home gardeners or nursery growers.

Cow Manure

Our cow manure is sourced direct from high quality local dairies, screened for quality and delivered direct to our yard. The cow manure we sell is in its purest form, free from additives and perfect to enhance any garden, veggie patch, pots or fruit trees. Cow manure is a great natural source of fertilizer, and plants absolutely love it.

Mushroom compost

Mushroom compost is a must for most gardens, providing rich, dark soil packed with nutrients. It will help to retain moisture and bulk a garden bed up, leaving it ready to provide all the building blocks for healthy plants. Mushroom compost is an absolute must for veggies, but please note that is it NOT recommended for native gardens.

Premium Moss Wheel Barrows

Extra heavy duty – “The Tradesman’s Choice”.

All MOSS barrows feature 4 ft3 barrow trays which have a deep fabricated large base area.

This ensures maximum stability when carrying heavy loads (low centre of gravity).

The square cornered bases provide further advantages in terms of ease of shoveling, mixing (e.g., concrete) and stacking of regular shaped objects (e.g., bricks and blocks).

Carrying capacity:
4 ft3 (110 litres) wet, or 6 ft3 (160 litres) dry.

Hardwood timber handles are coated with enamel paint.