Round River Gravel 10mil, 20mil, 40mil

River gravel is great for landscaping, adding a real depth and texture to areas such as walkways, driveways and around garden beds. Since these are natural river pebbles they are worn smooth by the natural passage of water over time, and do not have sharp edges. Our river gravel comes in three different sizes, offering a variety of decorative options.

Lucky stones

Lucky Stones are the largest variety of natural river pebble that we stock, ranging from 100ml – 300ml in size. They offer a great visual, textured look for landscaping features such as creek beds, water features and pathways. Like all our river stones, they are naturally worn smooth over time, so do not have sharp edges and are therefore very friendly for a wide variety of uses.

Decomposed Pink & Gold Granite

Decomposed Granite is a product which creates a fantastic hard-wearing footpath, and looks excellent when used for bushland paths in native gardens, designer spaces and driveways. Decomposed granite creates a beautiful, natural-looking textured surface in either pink or gold. 

Maroota Gold 10mil

This cream-coloured round pebble is used for pathways, driveways or fish ponds, sourced locally at Maroota. It provides a great contrast when set against darker areas of a garden or house, really highlighting a feature garden or pathway. Also works extremely well in natural bush settings.

Road Base & Recycled Gravels.

Rec Road Base

Recycled Road Base compacts well and serves as a good, solid bed for a variety of large outdoor projects. It provides a stable layer of support below sand for paving, in paths and driveways, under concreting or as a base  underneath decorative pebbles or decomposed granites.
Recycled Road Base comes from crushed concrete and brick materials. This product is 20mm minus in size.

10ml & 20ml Rec Concrete (Aggy Metal)

This product comes in three sizes, providing a variety of properties for different project needs.

Made from recycled concrete, it provides an excellent base layer for construction, drainage and civil works. We stock 10ml & 20ml sizes, which are also perfect for underpinning any significant landscaping project, and it also comes in a 40-70ml size for projects requiring coarser material or higher rates of drainage. 

Crushed Sandstone 75ml minus

Crushed sandstone is a versatile material, able to perform a wide variety of functions. Some of these  include use as a main material in residential driveways, as a base for horse arenas, used in a variety of sizes for paths and walkways as well as being used as a way to gain traction on agricultural roads.

Crusher Dust

A crushed, recycled bedding and/or fill sand, this product offers better compaction than dune or river sands, with crushed particles giving better mechanical interlock than round grained sands. Suitable for use under slabs, pavers, and as pipe bedding.

Concrete Mix

Mixed by us, on site, this is our own blend of dry sand and aggregate, prepped and ready to mix with cement to produce quality concrete.

10ml Blue Metal

This is a crushed, quarried product which is blue in colour. Used for driveways and paths, as well as mixing in with concrete.  It is clean crushed rock which also provides great drainage properties.