General Purpose Cement

General Purpose Cement 20kg bag

Boral Cement’s Blue Circle® General Purpose Cement exceeds the requirements for type GP cement in the Australian Standard AS 3972 – General purpose and blended cements.

Off White Cement 20kg bag

Blue Circle® Off White Cement is a general purpose cement complying with AS 3972, type GP. Blue Circle Off White Cement is produced from a specially manufactured light coloured Portland cement clinker which provides the unique colour of this cement.

Off White Cement
Builders Cement

Builders Cement 20kg bag

Blue Circle® Builders Cement is a versatile alternative to Blue Circle® General Purpose (GP) Cement and can replace it. Some adjustments to the mix design may be necessary depending on the application.

Sand & Cement 20kg bag

A versatile “Dry Mix”, you can just add water and this sand and cement blend is ready to use.
Sand and Cement is a proportioned mix of selected graded sand and cement binders designed for the builder and home handy person. This product can be used for all kinds of patching, bedding and landscaping work.

Sand & Cement
Rapid Set No Mix Concrete

Rapid Set No Mix Concrete 20kg bag

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete is a proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands, cement and additive mixture suitable for post hole applications where lower than normal strength is acceptable.

Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete cannot be mixed in a wheelbarrow or mechanical mixer like normal concretes.

The additive used in the mix reacts instantly with cement allowing very little to no mixing time or compaction.


Lime 20kg bag

Boral Cement is a supplier of premium quality hydrated lime marketed under the name of Blue Circle® General Purpose Lime. The product’s purity and fineness make it suitable for all building applications.

Uni Render 20kg bag

Uni Render is a pre-blended drymixed polymer modified cement rendering mix designed for use over new or old brick and block work, either internally or externally.
Uni Render is designed to be used in thin layered applications (up to 10 mm) and provide a grey-coloured cement render finish which has excellent bonding properties, easy to apply, and help reduce cracking. Uni-Render only requires the addition of water and oxide to colour.