SHAPESCAPER – Ideal Edging

Shapescaper edging is a strong, elegant product that is shapeable to create the perfect garden or path edge. They are safe, highly durable and resistant to termites and cracking. Shapescaper is also great value, tougher than aluminium, easy to install and looks great!

Why use Shapescaper?

Do it once, do it right!

Designed and made to look great and outlast alternative edging solutions!
Shapescaper is made in Australia from durable Australian steel. Shapescaper is the complete steel garden edging solution for domestic and commercial projects of any size. A comprehensive range of edging profiles, gauges and material finishes any size are available Australia wide. Standard stock items also include a large range of preformed rings and three tiered planters. Talk to us, we also shape custom edging and features to meet your specifications.

Who needs Shapescaper

Looking for a new edge to replace your tired looking and rotten timber edges: or flimsy plastic ones? Are you looking to increase the value of your home with landscaping? Perhaps you work in the industry and are fed up with installing edging products that don’t do the job… and are a major headache to install! Edging by Shapescaper streamlines installation work flow and allows you to easily create any shape you can imagine. Reduce the completion time of any project and enjoy reduced maintenance with a longterm increase in property value.

Australian Made with Quality BlueScope Steel

Made in Australia

Shapescaper is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by a dedicated team of industry specialists. We take great pride in further promoting the reputation of high quality manufacturing in Australia. Our products are not only distributed widely through out Australia but regularly exported into the demanding European market

Australian Bluescope Steel

Being manufactured specifically to meet the high demands of a harsh Australian climate, Australian products and Bluescope steel in particular enjoy a well earned reputation for quality and durability. Steel used by Shapescaper meets very exacting standards for quality and is tested according the relevant standards. AS/NZS standards are listed for all our Bluescope steel products. These industry standards are critical in the selection of material, especially when commercial applications. Often these standards are not available or relevant when comparing cheaper imported products.

The Complete Steel Garden Edging Solution

Shapescaper is the original innovator of a complete steel garden edging system. A market leader in quality and safety, all Shapescaper products feature a rolled lip that covers the stakes and connectors, leaving no sharp edges, safe for pets and children. Favoured by professional landscapers for well over a decade, Shapescaper is now being Used and Shapescaper by retail customers for its ease of installation and stunning results.

Quick and Easy to Install

The Shapescaper steel garden edging system is favoured by commercial landscapers due to the speed and ease of installation. The simplicity of installation and wide range of applications also make Shapescaper very DIY friendly. Installation is supported by comprehensive instructional and video support online, and other helpful advice is only ever a phone call away. Most shaping can be easily done on site and typical installations can be completed using a minimal set of tools. Shapescaper is perfect for Updating existing gardens or laying out the frame work for a completely new garden. Save time and money by using Shapescaper, create a garden that is easy to maintain and will add lasting property value.

  • Flush ground level definition
  • Pathway definition
  • Lawn edging
  • Mulch retention
  • Garden bed dividers
  • Weed barriers
  • Raised garden beds
  • Tree rings
  • Planters
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden stairs
  • Terracing