Sydney Sand

Sydney Sand is a fine, washed sand that comes from the beaches of Sydney. It is a very versatile sand, and due to the absence of clay content it can be used for applications which range from filling a sand pit right through to tiling, rendering and sweeping into the gaps between pavers.

Yellow Brickie Sand

Yellow Brickie Sand is a ‘fatty’ sand most commonly used for brick and block work. Sourced from Maroota, the high clay content in the sand  repels water, allowing the sand to become stickier and more workable when mixed with cement. 

White Bricky Sand

Like our Yellow Brickie Sand, this product has the same basic properties which make it excellent for working with bricks. White Brickie Sand  has a high clay content which repels water, and mixes perfectly for a lighter-coloured mortar. 

Washed Coarse Sand ( Paving Sand)

Coarse sand is a double-washed,  coarse gravelly sand used for bedding in under pavers, blocks or bricks. 

It is also used for mixing concrete. Like many of our products, the Washed Coarse Sand that we stock is locally sourced, in this case from down the road at Maroota. 

Horse Arena Sand

Our Horse Arena Sand product is a premium coarse sand which is washed and ready for use in horse arenas, round yards or stables. It has a high gravel content which allows for excellent drainage whilst ensuring the horses hooves are not damaged with large pebbles or rocks.

Filling Sand

A high quality, washed fine sand used to fill in trenches, backfilling of walls or under concrete slabs.


Tennis Court Loam

This red-coloured sand has a high clay content – known as a ‘fatty’ texture – to ensure good, even compaction on loam tennis courts.

It is also used to make bricks for bee hives.

Propagating sand

A coarse, gravelly sand that is mainly used for the propagation of plants and in potting mixes. It is double-washed to ensure its cleanliness and is great for instances that require excellent drainage.

Propagating sand