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Garden Mix
Veggie Mix
Screened Soil
Top Dressing / Turf Underlay
Soil Conditioner
Prem Potting Mix
Cow Manure
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10mil & 15mil Pinebark
Leaf Mulch
Euci Mulch
Cypress Mulch
Cow/Leaf Mulch
& more
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Sydney Sand
Yellow Brickie Sand
White Bricky Sand
Washed Coarse Sand ( Paving Sand)
Horse Arena Sand
Filling Sand
& more
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Round River Gravel
Lucky Stones
Decomposed Pink & Gold Granite
Maroota Gold
Road Base & Recycled Gravels
Recycled Road Base
Crushed Sandstone
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Premium hardwood split firewood
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General Purpose Cement
Off White Cement
Builders Cement
Sand & Cement
Rapid Set No Mix Concrete
& more
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A few words from our customers

Shapescaper Garden Edging

Shapescaper is also one of the quickest and easiest edges to install, saving you time & money!

Durable & strong, with clean & elegant designer looks. The Shapescaper steel edging simply will not split, warp, buckle, crack, chip or invite termites like traditional edging.

It just gives you total freedom of design with exclusive clean designer looks for your garden edges, at any height.